Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program

A Certified Nursing Assistant, or Certified Nursing Aide, is responsible for supporting medical staff in administering care to patients with various injuries, illnesses or disabilities. Their duties include helping patients bathe and maintain proper hygiene, feeding patients or ensuring they take their medication and assessing their patients’ vital signs to notify staff of any changes.


We Believe In Your Child Too CNA Requirments:

We Believe In Your Child Too: is looking for motivated, performance driven individuals with a desire to pursue a better life for themselves. They must be willing to face adversity and life’s challenges with a driven commitment to enhancing their lives through post-secondary education and job opportunities.

  • MOVITATED: A person driven by a cause or purpose.
  • PERFORMANCE DRIVEN: One who will rise to challenges to meet expectation and go beyond?
  • ADVERSITY: The ability to overcome life’s challenges, deal with difficult situation to achieve the goal or meet the standard.
  • DESIRE: To really wants something to happen, to make a change.
  • WORK ETHIC: The principle that hard work is worthy of reward.
  • VISION: The ability to think or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.


CNA Duties and Responsibilities:

Certified Nursing Assistants are responsible for many patient care tasks to ensure that each patient receives the comprehensive and personalized care they need. They often have the following responsibilities:

  • Grooming and bathing patients with low mobility
  • Preparing each patient room with necessary items like blankets, pillows, medical equipment and bathroom needs
  • Helping patients eat and take medications
  • Making sure they have regular meals and proper medication dosages
  • Monitoring vitals and patient behavior and reporting them to the nursing and medical staff
  • Assisting patients with mobility needs, transferring them from wheelchair to bed
  • Turning or adjusting patients in bed to prevent bedsores or other discomfort
  • Exercising patients by helping them walk


CNA Educational and Training Requirements:

Certified Nursing Assistants must enroll and pass a state-approved education and training program before working. A minimum of a high school diploma or GED equivalent is often a requirement to enter this program. Students train during the program, often working in a hospital or nursing home setting to learn necessary role-specific skills, practice patient care techniques and develop medical knowledge as necessary. After the program, students must successfully pass their state exam for certification. Obtaining the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification places candidates on a state registry, which legally allows them to work for local organizations as a CNA.

Projected Salary:

Salary range varies from job, location of employment, experiences, client’s needs, company or intuitions of employment and skill level.

Our Partners:

  • Tidewater Community College
  • Thomas Nelson Community College
  • J Sergeant Reynolds Community College
  • Paul D. Camp Community College
  • College of the Albemarle
  • Tidewater Medical Training
  • Sentara College of Health Sciences
  • Riverside College of Health Careers
  • Norfolk Technical Center
  • New Horizon Regional Education Center
  • Virginia Beach Learning Center
  • College and Career Academy at Pruden
  • Old Dominion University
  • Norfolk State University
  • Hampton University
  • Georgia State University
  • Howard University
  • University of Massachusetts (Amherst)
  • James Madison University

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